What’s What? – with Wills

A will is a very powerful document. When you consider that 27 million adults in the England and Wales don’t have a will that’s pretty scary.

Research tells us that the main reason that people don’t have a will is apathy. The next most popular reason given for not having a will is fear.

With ever more complex family situations it’s never been more important to have a will written to ensure that you’ll provide for your family when you’re not around.

Consider this… Do you know what would happen you your estate if you died without a will? Your belongings might not go where you think.

Still unsure? What does this all mean?

A will is a powerful legal document made valid by the attest action process (signing and witnessing). It gives the testator (the person that the will is written for) the ability to choose guardians for their children, dictate specific gifts, chose executors (people that administer your estate after your death), and ultimately gives you peace of mind.

If you don’t have a will your estate will be distributed, not according to your wishes, but by the laws of intestacy. These rules provide a hierarchy of who will benefit from your estate. It may be such that your estate goes to the crown. This might not be as you’d wanted.

What to do next?

Speak to a professional. Don’t feel forced into buying something you don’t understand. Ask questions and gain a clear understanding of what will happen when you create the document. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your estate planner. They’re there to help give you peace of mind that you’re looking out for loved ones.

The Society of Will Writers exists as an organisation to inspire consumer confidence in providing will writing and estate planning services who are trustworthy, indemnified, and fully trained. They also work according to our code of practice.

For more information visit www.willwriters.com or call 01522 68 78 88

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by Dan Keating

Very clear message should be compulsory reading.

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