Welcome to the Age Action Alliance

Our vision is to improve the quality of life through partnership working between member organisations and older people, creating communities where older people feel secure, valued and able to contribute to society.

The Social Justice Cabinet Committee agreed on the 15th March 2011 to the proposal to form an alliance of organisations to work together to develop solutions to a range of issues faced by older people today.

The Age Action Alliance is an independent alliance of organisations, which has adopted a new approach to the problems of ageing, focused very clearly on finding practical means to improve the lives of older people.

There is an open invitation to organisations from across the voluntary, private and public sectors to sign up to the commitments in the Alliance’s Declaration.

It is easy and free to join, simply visit the “Join Us” page.



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by Dan Keating

There are many older and vulnerable people who have been the target of an unscrupulous cavity wall insulation industry in the guise of Government endorsement.

Many of these people are living with horrific damp and condensation in their homes as a result of botched cavity wall insulation. They do not know where to turn and may not have access to the internet.

CIVALLI provides a free helpline and a shoulder to cry on. We have an excellent success rate and have been victims ourselves and understand the misery and stress that is caused by a greedy, corrupt industry.

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