Understanding Care Homes

I’ve been to some interesting events and had some in depths conversations this last fortnight to really try and gain a broader and fuller picture when it comes to care homes. We hear so much negative press in the media about scandal after scandal, it’s easy to get a distorted view. The reality is that there are thousands of dedicated care workers across the country making a huge difference in the lives of older people in care homes. Sadly they can feel tarnished with the same brush when abuse headlines hit the news. Many are paid less than supermarket assistants for this critical care giving role.

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I was chatting to Julienne Meyer yesterday from My Home Life. I love their vision: “a world where all care homes for older people are great places to live, die, visit and work”. They have a positive rather than punitive approach that promotes good practice.
So next time you read a shocking headline about care homes, yes, feel outraged by the injustice served on our vulnerable, frail elderly, and let it prompt you to action, like volunteering to make a difference, but also know that for every negative story there are hundreds of positive ones and be appreciative of all the committed carers who do look after our elderly population with such dedication.

Tina English is Director of Embracing Age, a new faith inspired charity dedicated to improving the lives of older people in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.


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