As an independent partnership of organisations, we work together across a range of themes to take a collaborative approach to the challenges of an ageing society and promote opportunities and contribution by older people themselves.


Age Friendly Environments

The group works to raise awareness of how environments, communities and cities can ensure access and promote positive opportunities for people to age well and contribute to their communities through participation and engagement in civic life.

Attitudes to Ageing

Attitudes to ageing are fundamental to ageing well. This theme brings together useful resources, thinking and activity to promote better attitudes and opportunities for older people to be valued, heard and able to participate in an age friendly society.

Creative Arts

“We have established a vibrant group of representatives from national to  grassroots organisations across a wide range of arts activities with interests in active to the most frail and vulnerable people. These different perspectives allow for new innovative ideas to emerge.”  At the preliminary, introductory meeting on 10th March 2014 all who attended agreed the […]

Digital Inclusion

The Digital Inclusion Group (DIG) is formed from over thirty members who represent a wide range of organisations, public and private, who are working in some way with older people and digital technology. New members are always welcome. Our remit is to try and make a tangible difference to the digital inclusion of older people. […]

European Matters

This theme celebrates the partership working which took place during EY2012 – the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, supports its legacy and continuation by offering a place to share good practice, thinking and activity.

Healthy Workplaces

The ‘Healthy Workplaces’ Group helps employers to improve the health and productivity of their ageing workforces. Achieving real progress in this area would significantly support the health and wellbeing of older people both in the short term and well into later life. The group comprises a range of organisations from the business community, voluntary sector […]

Improving the Lives of Excluded Older People

Getting it right for excluded older people, means getting it right for all older people. Our group aims to identify practical ways to ensure older people can lead healthy, independent lives, including disadvantaged groups and those in a ‘transitional stage’ who are at risk of exclusion. We aim to identify and promote early interventions.

Loneliness & Isolation

Together we aim to identify, develop and test models of collaboration to reduce loneliness and isolation amongst older people. To raise awareness of loneliness and isolation amongst policy makers, practitioners and commissioners. Increase understanding about what works at reducing loneliness and isolation in local areas and support practical action. We also aim to improve knowledge […]

Money Matters

As a starting point for the Working Group we consulted on some of the issues older people were facing around financial inclusion. Some of the issues that might come under our scrutiny include:- problems around power of attorney procedures; converting a pension into an annuity; dealing with finances after the bereavement of a loved one; […]

Older People’s Day

Older People’s Day UK Older People’s Day is celebrated on 1 October to coincide with the UN International Day of Older Persons. The day is used to mark a national and international celebration of the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society and to the economy. Organisations and individuals actively work together […]

Public Health & Active Lifestyles

Promoting an active lifestyle remains the single most effective way society can encourage physical and mental wellbeing and reduce loneliness and social isolation. The Public Health and Active Lifestyles Working Group aims to identify, share and promote awareness of existing evaluated programmes.


Research is a cross-cutting issue for the Age Action Alliance.  The main focus of the Research Group is to provide an opportunity for alliance members to share evidence on all aspects of ageing.  The Alliance includes a wide range of members with a wealth of expertise.  The research group would like to facilitate the sharing […]

Safe, Warm Homes

The Safe, Warm Homes Working Group uniquely brings together a range of partner organisations covering the energy, health, safety and housing sectors. The Group aims to utilise the Age Action Alliance as a means of identifying and supporting older households on housing, fuel poverty, energy efficiency and safety issues. The Group intends that its work […]


The Transport Working Group is made up of members with knowledge about various aspects of the transport system. The objective of the group is to assemble, collate and disseminate information about ways of overcoming the barriers to access for older people

Valuing Older People’s Contribution

Older people have lots to offer their communities and the economy but our culture and workplaces often overlook this potential.  Our group works together to understand and create opportunities for older people from all backgrounds to contribute in flexible ways which fit their needs for meaningful work and their needs for payment.