As an independent partnership of organisations, we work together across a range of themes to take a collaborative approach to the challenges of an ageing society and promote opportunities and contribution by older people themselves.


Creative Arts and Older People

“The Creative Arts group is a vibrant group of representatives from national to grassroots organisations across a wide range of arts activities. We are brought together by a shared passion for excellent practice and interest in the role of creativity in wellbeing. The variety of voices is crucial for new and innovative ideas to emerge.”  […]

Digital Participation

The Digital Inclusion Group was formed from over thirty members representing a wide range of organisations, public and private, working in some way with older people and digital technology. The group is planning to relaunch shortly as the Digital Participation Group (DPG). The DPG aims to establish varied ways of meeting the ICT learning support […]

Healthy Workplaces

The ‘Healthy Workplaces’ Group helps employers to improve the health and productivity of their ageing workforces. Achieving real progress in this area would significantly support the health and wellbeing of older people both in the short term and well into later life. The group comprises a range of organisations from the business community, voluntary sector […]

Loneliness & Isolation

In partnership, the Working Group aims to identify, develop and test ways of improving the quality of life of older people who may be lonely and isolated and are at risk from declining health and wellbeing. In particular, the Group encourages work to identify and engage those who are hard to reach in the community by: Encouraging small […]

Money Matters

As a starting point for the Working Group we consulted on some of the issues older people were facing around financial inclusion. Some of the issues that might come under our scrutiny include:- problems around power of attorney procedures; converting a pension into an annuity; dealing with finances after the bereavement of a loved one; […]

Safe, Warm Homes

The Safe, Warm Homes Working Group uniquely brings together a range of partner organisations covering the energy, health, safety and housing sectors. The Group aims to utilise the Age Action Alliance as a means of identifying and supporting older households on housing, fuel poverty, energy efficiency and safety issues. The Group intends that its work […]


The Members of the Transport Working Group have knowledge about various aspects of the transport system. The objective of the group is to assemble, collate and disseminate information about ways of improving accessibility for older people and to ensure that the views of older people are included in decisions about travel that affect them.

Key Resources

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  1. A guide to hosting Alliance Network Meetings
  2. AAA Progress Report May 2015
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  5. Alliance Members Declaration
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  7. An introduction to Age Action Alliance (leaflet)
  8. Arts and older people forum Transition Focus Group Meeting Minutes 11 July 2016
  9. Basic Pension Credit Information
  10. British Gas Priority Services
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  12. Connect for a Kinder Tomorrow – New Approaches to Loneliness – Jo Cox
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  14. Digital Inclusion – The Vision, the Challenges and the Way Forward
  15. EngAgeNet’s comprehensive new publication: ‘A New Narrative on Ageing’
  16. Fuel Poverty Action Guide – Produced by NEA
  17. Healthy Work Places Meeting Minutes – 15th November 2018
  18. Healthy Working Lives – Managing Healthy Ageing Workforces
  19. Infographic – explaining the work of the Alliance
  20. Keep Warm, Keep Well – Leaflet
  21. Loneliness & Isolation – Meeting Minutes 20th September 2018
  22. Loneliness in Britain has Escalated from Personal Misfortune into a Social Epidemic
  23. Money Matters – Meeting Minutes 18th January 2018
  24. NEA Advice Videos
  25. Ofgem Vulnerability strategy
  26. Pension Credit Calculator
  27. PSR promise from the Safeguarding Customer Working Group
  28. Research: The role of a social context for ICT learning and support in reducing digital inequalities for older ICT users
  29. SEGB Resource Centre
  30. Skills and lifelong learning: Digital Participation
  31. Snapshot Analysis of the Age Action Alliance
  32. Understanding the Alliance (Powerpoint Presentation)
  33. Vulnerability as Affecting Older People in Rural Areas
  34. Writing a blog for the Age Action Alliance