The Transport Working Group is made up of members with knowledge about various aspects of the transport system. The objective of the group is to assemble, collate and disseminate information about ways of overcoming the barriers to access for older people

A Message from the Chair

Prof. Roger Mackett. Centre for Transport Studies

Prof. Roger Mackett. Centre for Transport Studies

TheWorking Group has identified the need to examine evidence on the barriers to access for older people and ways of overcoming them. Professor Roger Mackett of University College London who chairs the Transport Working Group of the Age  Action Alliance has produced a report that assembles the evidence including information on the capabilities of older people.  The Report is now available here or from the list of resources towards  the foot of the page

Current Focus

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The Transport Working Group is looking at the barriers to access for older people that prevent them reaching the opportunities that are part of a healthy, fulfilling life. For some older people the barriers arise from having a disability, but for others they stem from being less able to do the things that they could do when younger: they may not be able to walk as far or as fast as they used to, they may find standing for long periods more tiring, they may need toilets more often, they may find handling small coins difficult. There are various ways that the environment can be modified to improve access for older people.

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Age Action Alliance Mobility Vehicle Survey Responses

Alliance Product

The Alliance Transport Working Group had hoped that this survey would attract a large response through it's network of older people organisations. Unfortunately response was limited with the result that numbers are too small to be statistically valid. We make the responses available here as they are interesting, and there is currently so little hard information available. We would like to take this oppertunity to thank all those that took the time to complete the survey.   Mobility Survey Responses Table

Alliance Mobility Vehicle Survey

Alliance Product

The Age Action Alliance Transport Working Group is assisting the Department of Transport to obtain information it is lacking for its review of Mobility Vehicles. We have put together a short survey which we hope you can distribute through your networks. The Survey is designed to be completed by users (or their relatives) and aims to collect the information required by the Department through a series of tick boxes. The survey is designed to be completed electronically, but can easily be printed and completed manually by anyone without access to a computer. Please see Mobility Survey Introduction for details and complete the survey at Mobility Vehicle Survey.   The Working Group has also agreed to promote a Mobility Vehicle survey looking at a snapshot of current users, which is being conducted by University College London (UCL). Please see UCL Mobility Vehicle Introduction for details and complete their survey at UCL Mobility Vehicle Survey.