Older People’s Day

Older People’s Day

UK Older People’s Day is celebrated on 1 October to coincide with the UN International Day of Older Persons. The day is used to mark a national and international celebration of the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society and to the economy. Organisations and individuals actively work together to use this initiative to make a difference, challenge stereotypes and promote positive attitudes to ageing. Events and activities take place throughout the year culminating in the main celebrations on 1 October.

People are living longer and we want to ensure that we adapt successfully to the fundamental long-term changes that this will bring to society.

Each year the celebrations are getting bigger and better. Why not join us to help make a difference and get positive messages out there that age is just a number.

A Message from the Chair

Our aim is to get as much positive media coverage to change negative attitudes to ageing. There are many things you can do to support Older People’s Day. You can arrange events to celebrate the day and these vary from shorter half-day activities to month long festivals offering many different and often on-going, opportunities….and it’s never dull!

You could produce and issue a press release to support the day or use the day as a platform to showcase the excellent work you do.

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Whatever you plan to do (the list endless!), remember to let your local media know about anything you might be arranging and use the logos and banners to spread the word- (see the resources section).

To find out more about events visit our Facebook pages and like us too! Follow us on Twitter @olderpeoplesday and add #olderpeoplesday #fulloflife hashtags to your Tweets and let’s get them trending!.

Together we will change attitudes to ageing by achieving as much positive media coverage as possible.

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