Money Matters

As a starting point for the Working Group we consulted on some of the issues older people were facing around financial inclusion. Some of the issues that might come under our scrutiny include:-

  • problems around power of attorney procedures;
  • converting a pension into an annuity;
  • dealing with finances after the bereavement of a loved one;
  • understanding benefits entitlements;
  • budgeting for home maintenance and unexpected events;
  • knowing what guidance/information to use;
  • financial abuse aimed at pensioners;
  • the use of debts and loans;
  • funding care through equity release;
  • knowing how and where to access advice or guidance; and
  • Knowing which information and providers to trust.

These problems range from having a number of different initiatives and solutions to being completely unaddressed, showing the potential positive impact this group could have with the right actions

A Message from the Chair

Barry Wilford

Barry Wilford

The AAA finance group is tasked with working together to find practical and outcome-focused solutions to problems faced by older people engaging with their money.

Current Focus

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The Money Matters Group brings together a range of organisations from across the financial, voluntary and statutory sectors. As a group we believe we can pool this knowledge and experience and develop some practical approaches aimed at helping some of the most vulnerable in society overcome the challenges they may face when accessing the financial sector and its range of services.

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