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“We have established a vibrant group of representatives from national to  grassroots organisations across a wide range of arts activities with interests in active to the most frail and vulnerable people. These different perspectives allow for new innovative ideas to emerge.” 

At the preliminary, introductory meeting on 10th March 2014 all who attended agreed the creative arts and older people theme group should continue as there was a real opportunity to influence the future.

We could be a “hot-house” for new ideas and ways of working to make creative arts mainstream for all. This work could bring positive benefits to older people at whatever stage in their life-course; for policy and decision-makers; organisations providing care services and arts opportunities; as well as families, carers and arts practitioners. The impact could affect neighbourhoods and have regional and national implications.

We recognise each member of the group brings their own perspectives, skills and experience and that creative arts and older people is a wide ranging topic. We will need to be focussed and reach a common understanding on what we want to do and how we are going to work. We can be visionary but pragmatic – we will work out ways to be practical and as well as talk!

We are thinking about the future and how to work together. We want to be a network which complements other organisations networks and also influence access to arts for all older people.

…… kind regards, Jackie and Scilla.

A Message from the Chair

Jackie Richards

Jackie Richards

Jackie Richards – Founder/Manager Creative Dance 60+

Hi there! I am delighted to be co-chairing the Creative Arts and Older People theme group with Scilla. The first theme group meeting was very positive and all who attended wanted it to continue. It is early days so watch this page as it develops and share your ideas and network. Older people wherever they are in their life course can enjoy being creative. This theme group can contribute to there being more choices and increased opportunities for meaningful activities that will enhance and enrich older people’s lives.

Dr Scilla Dyke

Dr Scilla Dyke

The power and potential of the creative arts to enhance lives and wellbeing, to influence, impact on, engage and inspire, touch – even change lives, has never been greater. The importance of access to, and choice of meaningful and relevant creative opportunities through imaginative, inclusive collaborations, partnerships, individual and community engagement – is my passion and a driving force in the ever-evolving theatre of life.

Dr Scilla Dyke MBE, Royal Academy of Dance


Current Focus

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The second meeting was exploratory and time was spent looking forward positively to find out what is of common interest and how we can work together as an effective group, find new ways to influence and inform; create networks and work towards for practical outcomes.

After a useful discussion it was agreed that the theme group should focus on an achievable activity that would make a positive impact and a real difference. It was agreed it would concentrate on “Access to Creative Arts” considering the different topics outlined in the brief notes below. Why should we do this?…

1. Arts as preventative and benefit to all throughout their lives including older people during their life course.

2. To widen opportunities and choices in a full range of arts which older people (as well as others) can decide what they want to get involved in.

3. To influence decision makers and policy makers so that creative arts for older people become a higher priority and does not fall through the net because it is positioned within arts and culture, health & social care, lifelong learning, leisure and sports, libraries and museums.

4. To include carers and intergenerational opportunities

5. There will need to be more artists, facilitators and volunteers

6. Older people themselves can be more involved and share their expertise, develop their abilities and be involved in their communities

7. Arts bring people together so encouraging engagement and social cohesion.

Scilla and I want to be authentic, and we hope you will want to join in and contribute to make this happen – please get in touch through the Age Action Alliance website.

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