The BBC Searches for the Wisdom of the Old as a Treasure to Share with Young People

On Thursday, 20 of April 2017 Peter Snowden from the BBC rang From Generation 2 Generation to see if we could take part in an interview on Friday 22 April on the Today programme to discuss the World service programme #GrannyWisdom.

#GrannyWisdom is part of a BBC World Service series called Life Stories. In the programme young stars of social media shared lessons in life from their grandmothers. These young stars had all got their own significant followings. People who listen to them for advice and guidance.

These stars of Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook had been posting conversations with their grandmothers, getting their wisdom on topics from love to mental health to overcoming adversity. They posted their #GrannyWisdom videos and images for a whole week. (From Monday 17th April). Being a social media star is an achievement. The Stars taking part came from the UK, USA, Africa, India, Turkey and South America. They all have significant followings but notwithstanding this all agreed they learnt something from their grandmothers.


In our world where older people are often disregarded and of little value this programme chose to highlight the value of the life experience in this case of older women to very successful young people. A great press for old people across continents!

The social media stars were

  • Hannah Witton, UK, vlogs on Sex education/gender issues

Followers =YouTube/79k Twitter/76k Instagram


  •  Ross Smith, US, Who does regular Comedy sketches with grandma

Followers 2.7m Facebook/1.1m Instagram


  • Anushree Fadnavis, India a Photojournalist

Followers 98k Instagram



  • Taty Ferreira, Brazil, Vlogs on Gender/sex/relationships

Followers 1.2m YouTube


  • Megan Gilbride, UK, Vlogs on Beauty/gender

Followers 44k Instagram


  • Steven Chikosi, Zimbabwe, Documentary photographer

Followers 87k Instagram


  • Arda Bektas, Turkey, Male make-up vlogger

Followers 46k YouTube


  • Kubra Sait, India, Event host

Followers 30k Instagram


You can see the BBC world service videos at

The social media stars got, as you can see, a dose of hard-learnt life-advice from older women. Imagine the power of this message being spread to their followers. How many of them I wonder went on to seek advice from their grandmas or grandpas?

At 8.20 in the morning I foind myslef as Chief Executive of From Genenration to Genenration in the stuio with British socual media super star Hannah Witton . You can hear what happened in the interview at


I had originally been asked for 3 or 4 pieces of advice but on the day of the interview as you heard I gave only one. Here they all are, to share with you .

1    Find and make a good friend or friends, of all ages. Don’t find them on line or behind a screen, look about you and talk to people, friends can be truthful, critical and kind and love you and support you in real life


2    Not all men are bastards and not all women are bitchy


3    Not every day will be a good day, be proud of yourself anyway, and remember there is always next week and life can be loads of fun and beautiful things


4    Think out of the box and be prepared to stand up for what you believe.


I think that there are no doubt many other useful pieces of advice about life and how to deal with it, old people can share with younger ones. Grandfathers and great uncles will have just as interesting things to pass on about life as grandmothers and great aunts. Our worlds are different we know but some significant aspects of it remain the same.

I would love to hear what other older people would pass on as a piece of advice to younger people.

Get in touch and tell us so we can share your wisdom about life not just to social media super stars but lots of other young people too.

Social media stars are clearly a really potentially powerful means to bring the generations together to learn from, & support each other and most of all have fun!


by Norma Raynes Chief Executive and grandmother

From Generation to Generation



T: @fromgen2gen

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