As an independent partnership of organisations, we work together to take a collaborative approach to the challenges of an ageing society and promote opportunities and contribution by older people themselves.  These resources have been developed by members either in partnership or are considered good practice by Alliance members.

Key Resources

EngAgeNet’s comprehensive new publication: ‘A New Narrative on Ageing’

Member Resource

Negative portrayals of older people are commonplace: the media is largely preoccupied with the assumed cost of ageing, reinforcing a view that older people are dead weight in society - non-productive beneficiaries of state largesse; at the same time, however, they are perceived as well off, and in the eyes of some social commentators responsible for both the housing crisis and youth unemployment.  Like any group outside the social mainstream, older people are routinely stereotyped and are the subject of many false assumptions and untruths.

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Alliance Mobility Vehicle Survey

Alliance Product

The Age Action Alliance Transport Working Group is assisting the Department of Transport to obtain information it is lacking for its review of Mobility Vehicles. We have put together a short survey which we hope you can distribute through your networks. The Survey is designed to be completed by users (or their relatives) and aims to collect the information required by the Department through a series of tick boxes. The survey is designed to be completed electronically, but can easily be printed and completed manually by anyone without access to a computer. Please see Mobility Survey Introduction for details and complete the survey at Mobility Vehicle Survey.   The Working Group has also agreed to promote a Mobility Vehicle survey looking at a snapshot of current users, which is being conducted by University College London (UCL). Please see UCL Mobility Vehicle Introduction for details and complete their survey at UCL Mobility Vehicle Survey.    

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Snapshot Analysis of the Age Action Alliance

Alliance Product

Many thanks to those of you who have contributed your time and effort to help inform discussions of the Alliance’s future. We have conducted a research project. It explores the Alliance’s value and suggests three priority areas to consider when moving forward: (1) finding a sustainable funding model, (2) reviewing the working groups, and (3) increasing members’ involvement. The analysis builds on existing AAA material and general members’ surveys from 2012 and 2014. In addition, semi-structured interviews and an online survey were conducted with Secretariat and Alliance members. Attached is link to the summary of the findings and the SWOT analysis. The full report is available on request.