As an independent partnership of organisations, we work together to take a collaborative approach to the challenges of an ageing society and promote opportunities and contribution by older people themselves.  These resources have been developed by members either in partnership or are considered good practice by Alliance members.

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“First Contact” Schemes – Extent and impact

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The Age Action Alliance is working closely with Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) to assess the impact of First Contact schemes throughout the country and to develop practical tools to support the promotion and development of such collaborative ventures The Alliance Working Group Improving the lives of Excluded Older People is pleased to share with members Edition 1 of ‘First Contact’ Schemes – Extent and Impact.

Age Action Alliance Mobility Vehicle Survey Responses

Alliance Product

The Alliance Transport Working Group had hoped that this survey would attract a large response through it's network of older people organisations. Unfortunately response was limited with the result that numbers are too small to be statistically valid. We make the responses available here as they are interesting, and there is currently so little hard information available. We would like to take this oppertunity to thank all those that took the time to complete the survey.   Mobility Survey Responses Table

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