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It seems that at last the penny has dropped! I have received 6 referrals to my exercise class from my local hospital in one week for patients who have completed a programme for falls rehabilitation. When the NHS has spent so much time and money on them, where do they go afterwards to ensure all the good work is not undone? Community exercise classes are an ideal way to bring people together and the benefits are far-reaching. Not only can we improve on physical strength and mobility but also give a sense of achievement, improved mood and a release from daily stress.

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Move it or Lose it! Classes are ideally suited to older people who may fear exercise or simply believe they are ‘too old’ to participate. However, by focusing on having fun, the exercises no longer seem daunting and the reluctant are often completely converted. We desperately need more community classes to help older people get out of their homes to socialise and exercise together. To address this problem, Move it or Lose it! is expanding it’s reach through their one-day workshops on activities and games for older people. By sharing their tried-and-tested methods of motivating people to move more they aim to ensure everyone can participate whatever their age or ability. The activities can be done as part of an exercise session or implemented in care settings to stimulate cognitive vitality and improve functional ability to aid everyday living. This one-day workshop can really help to change lives.

To view a short video on youtube with class members enjoying some of the games click on the link: (

Contact or call 0800 612 7785 to find out more. Workshops cost £58.33 plus VAT (£70) per person.

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