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If you want to improve older people’s lives and think the Age Action Alliance could help you or your organisation to do that, join us!

It is free to join and as a Member, you will benefit from being part of a network of over 850 organisations, receive regular updates and bulletins and have the opportunity to get involved in taking practical action.

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Step 1: Read our Alliance Declaration and updated Membership Agreement to understand the principles of the Alliance

Step 2: If you agree with these, please confirm this in the message box below, and send us your logo, if you have one (organisations only), and we’ll add your details to our website.

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Newest Members

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  1. Carelink24
  2. Lifeline24
  3. St Christopher’s
  4. One Perfect Solution Ltd
  5. Homecare Services
  6. Mhor Collective
  7. Age of No Retirement
  8. South Cambridgeshire District Council
  9. Warwickshire Older People’s Forum
  10. Everlasting Care
  1. Zatu Games
  2. Toy Street
  3. My Bear Shop
  4. Careline365
  5. Telecare Choice
  6. Age Dynamic
  7. Claritas Hearing
  8. The Oddfellows
  9. Lenchs Trust
  10. Small Acts of Kindness

Key Resources

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  1. A guide to hosting Alliance Network Meetings
  2. AAA Progress Report May 2015
  3. Advice and guidance on Pension Credit for stakeholders
  4. Alliance Members Declaration
  5. Alliance Membership Agreement
  6. An introduction to Age Action Alliance (leaflet)
  7. Arts and older people forum Transition Focus Group Meeting Minutes 11 July 2016
  8. Basic Pension Credit Information
  9. British Gas Priority Services
  10. British Gas Warm Home Discount
  11. Connect for a Kinder Tomorrow – New Approaches to Loneliness – Jo Cox
  12. Dementia-Friendly Utilities Home Services
  13. Digital Inclusion – The Vision, the Challenges and the Way Forward
  14. EngAgeNet’s comprehensive new publication: ‘A New Narrative on Ageing’
  15. Fuel Poverty Action Guide – Produced by NEA
  16. Healthy Working Lives – Managing Healthy Ageing Workforces
  17. Infographic – explaining the work of the Alliance
  18. Keep Warm, Keep Well – Leaflet
  19. Loneliness & Isolation – Meeting Minutes 20th September 2018
  20. Loneliness in Britain has Escalated from Personal Misfortune into a Social Epidemic
  21. Money Matters – Meeting Minutes 18th January 2018
  22. NEA Advice Videos
  23. Ofgem Vulnerability strategy
  24. Pension Credit Calculator
  25. PSR promise from the Safeguarding Customer Working Group
  26. Research: The role of a social context for ICT learning and support in reducing digital inequalities for older ICT users
  27. SEGB Resource Centre
  28. Skills and lifelong learning: Digital Participation
  29. Snapshot Analysis of the Age Action Alliance
  30. Understanding the Alliance (Powerpoint Presentation)
  31. Vulnerability as Affecting Older People in Rural Areas
  32. Writing a blog for the Age Action Alliance