Have the reforms to the State pension gone far enough, fast enough?

Just how fair are they – and have older pensioners in particular lost out? Tony Watts asks Pensions Minister Steve Webb to put the record straight. He tackles the key areas of contention around:

*       Are the new reforms fair to all – or are tomorrow’s pensioners the

only real beneficiaries?

*       Just how fair is it that many people are seeing their State Pension

age recede so quickly into the distance?

*       Are those who contracted out in he past being unfairly penalised?

*       Will new pensioners be tempted to blow their pension pot?

*       Will those with modest savings still lose out, as they seem to at

the moment?

*       Just how sustainable is all this in the long term anyway?

And then provides his own analysis of where the battle grounds might be going into the next election.

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