This Gallery is designed to showcase entries to the Alliance Photographic Competition, All About Ageing, and to provide an growing bank of positive images to help promote better attitudes to ageing.  Launched on 30 September 2013 to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Alliance, the competition itself has now closed.  However this Gallery will continue as a resource to host positive images of ageing.  Share your photo with the Alliance.

Photos are shown against the competition categories under which they were entered.  These categories were intended to encourage (though did not always elicit) images of ageing which represent the diversity of people in later life.  We hope you will continue to help us build a representative picture of positive ageing in the UK.  Please note that only shortlisted photographs contain details of the photographer, inspiration and title (where provided) at this time.

If you have images which you feel reflect positive images, and are happy to share these to support the work of members and positive ageing in the UK, please contact us.

Photo Gallery