First Contact Schemes seminar – spreading the word

The Age Action Alliance Seminar on First Contact Schemes took place at Age UK, Tavis House, Tavistock Square, London on Monday 30th June: 11:00 till 15:30

The Seminar was a joint initiative of the Age Action Alliance: Improving the Lives of Excluded Older People Group in collaboration with EAC/FirstStop, who have taken the lead over the past two years to establish the extent and scope of FirstContact schemes throughout the UK, to create a directory of such schemes and to develop a resource bank of materials relating to local collaborative referral schemes.


The Age Action Alliance Improving the Lives of Excluded Older People Group aims to identify practical ways to ensure older people can lead healthy, independent lives, including disadvantaged groups and those in a ‘transitional stage’ who are at risk of exclusion. It aims to identify and promote early interventions. As an independent partnership of organisations, members work together to take a collaborative approach to the challenges of an ageing society and promote opportunities and contribution by older people themselves.


The Seminar was attended by 20 participants with an interest in developing mechanisms to help to connect people with preventive services and information in their community.

To read a report of the seminar by Neil Chadborn, Research fellow, University of Nottingham follow the link:


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