Damaris – Engaging with film, enriching lives

Damaris is an educational charity that is growing very fast through our partnership with the film industry. We create official community resources to accompany the latest feature films. Our resources help a wide range of community groups to engage with the themes and ideas explored in the films.

Imagine the unique opportunity to set up your own screening of a major feature film for your community group – at whatever time and date suits you. Damaris has partnered with ourscreen and cinemas across the UK to bring you cinema, on demand.

We are starting with the inspirational film Belle which is no longer in cinemas but not yet out on DVD. And you can use the free official community resources for your members to talk about the film afterwards (see www.damaris.org/belle).

There are 20 ourscreen cinemas in the UK: Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Henley-on-Thames, Liverpool, Norwich, Oxford, Southampton, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, and five in London (for a full list see here).

CEO of Damaris, Nick Pollard says “When the movies started they were shown in theatres, and people gathered to view them together. But since then, film-watching has become individualised as so many watch alone – because they live alone or shut themselves away in their own world with their iPad, ignoring those around them. At Damaris we are passionate about the power of film to enrich people’s lives and believe that this is best done within a community experience, where people watch a film and then talk about it together. That is why we work with film distributors to create official community resources around new films, with themed quizzes, recipes for themed food, background information about the film and discussion questions to enable people within the community group to talk about the film together. And now, with the launch of www.damaris.org/ourscreen group leaders can organise cinema screenings at a time to suit their group. Our vision is that many community groups use Damaris-Ourscreen and the Damaris resources for their own group activity and as an ideal way to reach new potential members, particularly those who are isolated and lonely – and for whom the individualisation of film-watching has become a personal and painful experience.”

For more information, please call 023 8068 2750, or email office@damaris.org


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