Claim your State Pension Online – it’s secure and easy to do

State Pension Online is a service that allows people within four months of their State Pension age to claim their State Pension using the GOV.UK website.  It is available to people living in England, Wales and Scotland.  It is secure and available at a time that is convenient for the customer.

DWP has recently made a number of improvements to this service following feedback from customers.  As a result the process is now easier and extra support is available when people need it.

One of the changes is that customers are now given better information and prompts when they use the Claim your State Pension online page on the GOV.UK website.  For example, if a customer has not yet registered with Government Gateway – which they need to do in order to make an online claim – they will be given information on how to register, a link to the Gateway and told what to do next.

Another change is to the help given to customers who have problems with Government Gateway registration.  They are now given the telephone number of a DWP helpdesk where an agent will help them to continue their claim online.

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