Champions for Older Workers

‘Champions for Older Workers’ is a new employment charter for organisations that demonstrate strong corporate social responsibilities and belief in equal opportunities through age diversity.

You now have the opportunity to demonstrate this positive attitude and display the ‘Champions’ mark.

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Prime Candidate, the custodian of the charter, is a Social Enterprise supporting older workers back in to employment whilst working with employers to provide balanced work-force solutions. Prime Candidate dispel myths and perceptions of employing older workers, and relish the opportunity to promote the added value attributes that an older worker brings to an employer.

Prime Candidate also inform and provide employers of commercial benefits of employing older workers in order to achieve a balanced and progressive perspective for success and growth. The ‘Champions Charter’ will enhance employment and economic opportunities as we engage employers who recognise the benefits of a multi-generational workforce.

‘Champions’ hold a very important role to the employment cycle and economic success, and come in different shapes and sizes across public, private and third sectors.

If you are already a ‘Champion’ in practise, then join the ‘Champions Charter’ membership to galvanise further support and awareness for the values and attributes that you benefit from now. If you are not following the ‘Champions’ guidelines at the moment, but want to seize the opportunity to realise the added value benefits provided by employing a balanced work-force, then join the membership and go shoulder to shoulder with like-minded organisations.

For more information and to join, click here.

Steve Anderson, Founder Prime Candidate Social Enterprise

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