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What your home means to you

Care & Repair England is collecting views up to mid-December Care & Repair England is asking older people what is especially important about their home. We will pull the views… Read more text

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Addressing fuel poverty together

Cross-organisational partnerships are blossoming. For the Age Action Alliance this is a given, but the pattern is moving into government, private sector and voluntary and community sector thinking with momentum.  … Read more text

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NDTI launches a new programme

Alliance member The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) is launching a new programme as part of the Big Skills Share 2012.  Mental health problems in later life are not… Read more text

Developing a web repository

As part of the legacy for EY2012, and as a contribution from the Age Action Alliance, the Beth Johnson Foundation and the Representation of the EU Commission in the UK… Read more text

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Community Network Road Show Invitation

Community Network Road Show Invitation Combating social isolation through telephone friendship groups Come to this free and interactive event which will: explain what telephone groups are encourage you to interact… Read more text

Ageing Sociably

Last month, Demos’ Report Ageing Sociably addressed the ‘crisis in loneliness among older people’. It called on local and national businesses to work with the voluntary sector and community organisations,… Read more text

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Localism and Collaborative Working

Last month’s LGA Conference showcased localism, and especially the challenges facing local government in shaping new public services more appropriate to a changing and ageing population, and at a time… Read more text

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Joint Working

Connecting is a central purpose for the Age Action Alliance.   It is also a critical element in the drive towards fresh ways of providing support and services which are appropriate… Read more text

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Can we help our post offices?

Catering increasingly for older customers, and with its economic viability increasingly intertwined with local convenience stores and the remaining retail services in local communities, the post office network has been… Read more text

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