Investing in Valuing Older People’s Contribution

We know that older people increasingly need to earn beyond retirement and also wish to do something they find fulfilling – so how can those needs me matched up to the needs of our communities for passionate active people with great ideas and great skills?

Our initial work has mapped out some of the gaps in current opportunities. Now we are hunting out examples of best practice and tools for making opportunities available.

Members of the group are building understanding about the range of business and social innovation models currently used by older people to deliver social good and to think through whether and what new models are needed to fit the priorities of later life people to make social contributions and to earn an income. We are at an action research stage, identify the different dimensions which will shape valuable contribution models and just as importantly how to reach older people with them.

We would love to hear your contribution to these conversations – and if you like it you are welcome to the group on a regular basis.