Investing in North West Age Action Alliance

It was recognised that a relatively high number of Age Action Alliance member organisations were sited in the North West. Given that many of the Alliance Working Groups met in London, it was felt that meeting locally would enable “smaller” members to play a part by contributing on a more localised basis, to practical projects closer to home, addressing specific issues that affect older people.

Following the first meeting, with 16 member organisations attending, members confirmed that it would like:

  • to add value through a NW grouping of Alliance members
  • to network, face to face on occasion, with specific themes in mind
  • to take forward specific working groups relevant to the NW

The NW Alliance was officially launched at the joint 5050vision / Future North West conference Staying Connected 2 on 31st October 2012

At the same time, Future North West, the regional forum on ageing, had identified a number of broad themes that older people in the region had said are important to them.

Future North West is one of nine English Forums on Ageing, and acts as a conduit between older people’s groups in their region and Government – national and local. Made up primarily of lay members, Future North West also works with service providers, health, transport and local authority bodies in our regions. Particular themes identified by the forum as its priorities are:

  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Social Care
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Loneliness & Isolation.