Investing in Healthy Workplaces

People are living longer and the group’s aim is to ensure employers adapt successfully to the fundamental long-term changes that this will bring to society and the workplace. By 2024 half the adult population and a third of the workforce will be aged over 50; and caring for younger and older dependents is becoming an increasing feature of our society and our working lives.

To remain competitive employers need to attract and retain workers of all ages, younger and older, to ensure a skilled and experienced, productive workforce. Those employers who do not, risk higher costs through increased absenteeism, lowered job performance and premature loss of expertise.

The Healthy Workplaces Group has uniquely brought together in one place some of the key and simplest tools employers need to improve the health and productivity of their ageing workforces and reduce costs. This can significantly help to improve the well-being of older people both in the workplace and well into their later lives