Investing in Digital Participation

The Digital Participation Group considers that the digital participation of older people is critical to enable older people to connect, improve their health and wellbeing and take part successfully and with confidence in our digital society. Key government policy areas are heavily reliant on citizens having the confidence and support to access, participate in, and influence services and activities. The Group will be an active forum for wide-spread digital participation and bringing together evidence of successful practice from grass-roots practitioners and from academic research to influence policymakers in order to meet the digital support needs of older people.

The Group’s remit is to achieve the successful digital participation of older people. That may come through influencing others, supporting each other, combining assets, exploring new ideas with user participation and making bold suggestions, working in participation with a wide range of stakeholders and end users.  The aims are:

  • To forge diverse community-based synergies to give large numbers of the 13 million people not currently online, reassuring, enjoyable and rewarding paths to digital participation.
  • To establish varied ways of meeting the ICT learning support needs of people in later life through exploiting our collective expertise, experience and wide-ranging networks and involving the intended ICT users in the planning and design of provision.
  • To be advocates for wide-spread digital participation and a think tank for organisations involved in the process; evidencing best practice; highlighting barriers and recommending ways to increase digital participation.