Investing in Digital Inclusion

The Group’s remit is to try and make a tangible difference to the digital inclusion of older people. That may be by influencing others, supporting each other, combining assets, exploring new ideas and making bold suggestions.

The Group is extremely concerned to be evidence based; it is interested in the evidence of what works in terms of delivering digital inclusion to older people, and the evidence of the needs and desires of older people themselves.

We produced a Paper entitled the ‘Digital Champions Capacity Building Framework’ (Available via resources). This Paper considers that establishing a formal framework to underpin, sustain and evaluate the effectiveness of Digital Champions in a wide range of settings presents a logical and sustainable approach to stimulating and sustaining the use of the internet across society.

We consider that this approach, which would involve supporting and facilitating personalised training and support interventions tailored to suit specific audiences and circumstances, would be especially effective in reaching and engaging older people