Investing in Creative Arts and Older People

The focus remains on pursuing an achievable activity that makes a positive impact and a real difference. For us, this currently breaks down into the following elements…

  1. Arts as preventative and beneficial to all throughout their lives including older people during their life course.
  2. To widen opportunities and choices in a full range of arts which older people (as well as others) can decide what they want to get involved in.
  3. To influence decision makers and policy makers so that creative arts for older people become a higher priority and does not fall through the net because it is positioned within arts and culture, health & social care, lifelong learning, leisure and sports, libraries and museums.
  4. To include carers and intergenerational opportunities
  5. To bring together a wide range of people from across the arts and health sectors and to help facilitate opportunities to learn from each other’s experience and promote partnership working.