Investing in Attitudes to Ageing

Our current focus is on media attitudes.  Media has a unique role in reflecting and challenging society’s attitudes to ageing and it provides a useful lens to look at issues and solutions.

There are no easy answers but we have made good progress in gathering the evidence about why attitudes to ageing matter.  In September 2012, we worked with the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing (UKAFA) to deliver an interactive event with older people and media professionals to explore the issues and possible solutions.  We plan to produce a guide on ageing and the media, promoting awareness and a positive narrative on ageing society.

Adapting our public narrative is crucial to making the most of an ageing population.  Changing life course patterns and an ageing society make it important to allow flexibility and enable people to study, work, relax, care for and share skills with others in a much more fluid way than before. We want to promote positive attitudes to ageing – throughout the lifecourse – and show how taking a glass half full approach is beneficial for individuals, communities, businesses and the economy.