Call & Check – “A Disruptive Technology”?

Call and Check in Jersey could become a major initiative in the Healthcare market and disrupt current revenue streams. The disruption would be felt anywhere in the Healthcare value chain, particularly where charges for services are common place and restrictive working practices used which are not in the best interest s of the patient. The business operating model of Healthcare companies will come under threat as new ways of delivering services become the norm benefiting those who pay for the service and those who receive the service most.

In the past there were no services in between the doctor and patient relationship. With Call and Check this is broken up and a Postman could now sit as the first responder to an ageing and needy demographic when action is required. With the opportunity to bypass the doctor and go straight to acute care or just avoid unnecessary visits to the GP the Primary Care could be the Postman/woman, add a stretcher to the van and he becomes an ambulance, provide a lockable drugs cabinet opened only by a doctor with an internet code  and he becomes a pharmacist, or uses his second seat in the van to take Social Workers, Medical specialist  on the postal round or drive directly to individuals in times of need, the postal worker is well placed.

Using existing Postal processes and equipment secure delivery of pharmaceuticals is a natural expansion of the Postal market service.  One benefit is controlled pricing to the patient, which can guarantee generic drugs replace the more expensive versions where patents have expired.


The acquisition of data on Healthcare for the population will have a huge impact on Central Government Healthcare Policy and is the richest prize for the population at large as this will lead to more efficient use of resources to benefit the people in most need. The problems are shared around the world in every country and if success is measured in outcomes then this is the way forward. For too long, self-interest has been a part of Healthcare for the providers and this initiative redresses the balance, reuses and deploys existing services and leads everyone to a better future.

In time with the improving internet infrastructure, applications and eHealthcare equipment, the near future will see the Post deliver a machine that can perform minor operations at home, by checking healthcare monitoring  to patients  for diabetes, blood pressure and vital signs  will reduce hospital transport and cost.

The risk of cross infection traditionally a major issue for hospitals, can be reduced for the vulnerable by more treatment delivered in the home and with centralised internet based monitoring can reduce costs, remove patients from dangerous environments but with response times that can be set and patient expectation met with healthcare service level agreements maintained all under the watchful eye of the Posty.

In short Call and Check is more than a service, it should be seen as a delivery platform that various initiatives can be bolted on to give the best outcome to the patient and that will be you and me at some point in our lives. On top of all this it can help address the major problem of isolation and loneliness.

Joe Dickinson

Special Projects Manager

The Jersey Post


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