Building a vision where older people can live happy

Sara McKee, Evermore Founder & Director of Market Innovation

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We recently announced the location of the first Evermore community at Northlight, home to Brierfield Mill in Brierfield, Lancashire. Briefield Mill is a heritage listed building and it will be transformed into a vibrant living, business and retail space as part of a stunning regeneration project.

It’s the perfect spot to begin building our vision of a community that offers a home and a sanctuary to older people who might be living alone. A place where they know there will be always someone to come home to share a meal or a chat.

This is the first step in our plan to overhaul the living options available for older people.  At Evermore our goal is to co-create places where older people always have love and companionship, a safety net when they need it, and the ability to lead meaningful lives in the heart of their community.

To achieve this, we’ve stepped away from big infrastructure to start from scratch.  We’ve let go of legacy, ditched jargon and focused on what’s important – the relationship between our staff and our customers.

This means reducing the back office and central operations so we can invest in our people, giving them the rewards and the training they need to confidently do their job. It also means giving them the freedom to make the everyday decisions needed to help our customers ‘Live Happy’ and the time to truly get to know them.

These sorts of changes are simple and we believe there is a real opportunity for the rest of the sector to do the same. Together we can create environments that empower and enable, and design homes where older people can live happy, healthy and meaningful lives

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