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Alliance member, ‘PROGRESS Towards Healthy Ageing’ was presented at the Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference on 5th March 2014 in Birmingham. The Project was featured during the session entitled ‘Fitness and Health Promotion’ and attended by over 240 people. The presentation was led by Rosa Juarez, Project Manager of the PROGRESS Project and began with brief background to the project and an overview of Suffolk’s demographic changes and the ageing population. The presentation then went on to cover the business case for healthy ageing practices, to answer the question, ‘why is a healthy workforce good for businesses?

Further information regarding the health of Suffolk’s adult population and how this compares to the health of the older workforce in Suffolk was covered; including some insights into why people aren’t healthier in older age and what employers can do to increase the health and wellbeing of older employees. To see the presentation, click here. To learn more about the project and its publications click here.

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