‘All About Ageing’ Photography Competition Launch (Revised)

This year, the Age Action Alliance celebrates its second anniversary.  This network for partnership working and practical action between older people and organisations now has more than 470 members committed to improving older people’s lives.

To mark this special occasion, we are delighted to announce revised details of our first ever photography exhibition – All About Ageing.  During October, older people up and down the country will take part in activities to celebrate UN Older People’s Day (1 October) [see also  www.olderpeoplesday.co.uk].  The Alliance wants to capture these and other positive images of older people’s contribution to society.

Attitudes to ageing remain a huge challenge for our ageing society as ageism remains one of the last non-taboo prejudices.  60% of older people in the UK agree that age discrimination exists in their daily lives and 76% believe the country fails to make the best of the talents and contribution older people have to make.  It’s also about respect, dignity and fairness.  Many of the images we see in the media depict older people as frail and vulnerable or at the other extreme undertaking some extreme sporting challenge.

The aim of this competition is to generate positive images of ageing which challenge stereotypes of older people and support the active involvement of older people and Alliance members in developing these.  Planned to coincide with UN Older People’s Day, it is hoped that older people and others of all ages will use the competition as an opportunity to capture some really diverse images under the following categories:

  • Celebrating Age – Recognising older people’s contribution to society
  • Diverse Ageing – Improving attitudes to ageing across society
  • Mind the Gap – Skill sharing and knowledge transfer across age groups
  • Digital World – Encouraging digital learning and inclusion
  • Ageing Themes – Images linked to the Age Action Alliance themes

The Age Action Alliance was launched in 2011 in response to a growing recognition of the need to adapt for an ageing society. In particular, to bring together older people and cross sector organisations to work together to celebrate the opportunities and address the challenges of our ageing demographics.

Its vision, shaped by older people and organisations themselves, is to improve the quality of later life through partnership working between members and older people; creating communities where older people feel secure, valued and able to contribute to society.

The deadline has been extended until 30 November 2013 to encourage maximum participation. The winners will now also be awarded prizes, thanks to an offer of support from Alliance member, Ostrich.  Prizes include photographic and computer equipment, with the overall winning picture being used in a national advertising campaign to celebrate the work of the Age Action Alliance. Alongside donations to groups or charities of the winners’ choice, that work with older people.

All winning entries will be included in an All About Ageing Photography Exhibition called “No Negatives” which will exhibit in towns and cities across the UK with the overall winner published in a national newspaper. The images will also go online and be made freely available to the media – to replace the many negative or stereotypical images that are currently recycled whenever stories about ageing are printed.

All Alliance members will be able to use the images to promote action to improve later life in partnership with others.  We are particularly interested in images that challenge stereotypes, capture positive aspects of ageing, surprise or entertain us and which can be used to support the work of the Age Action Alliance network.

To enter, please refer to the Terms and Conditions now available on the Alliance website.  We hope you’ll join us and help us help others picture more positive attitudes to ageing.  If you use social media, please follow the Alliance and support the competition on Facebook and @AgeActAlliance using the hashtag #AAApics.  Happy snapping!

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by Dan Keating

Interest-via ~Dorothy Runnicles.

by Dan Keating

Although the photos that I am entering into this competition does not obviously show my models intentions, it shows the spark in her eye and the dedication that she has to making life easier for everybody else before herself.

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