Age Action Alliance Weekly Members News – 29 January 2018

Weekly Members News – 29/01/2018

Opportunities for Action


The Age of Creativity Festival 2018

The second Age of Creativity Festival, part of a two year national project, funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Baring Foundation, will run from 1-14th October 2018.

The national festival celebrates creativity in later life, showcasing older people as audiences, participants, volunteers and artists across England. This, our second Festival, will be an even bigger and better event – so start planning now!  If you want to make sure you have notifications about the Festival early in order to plan your events, do sign up here, (  it’s FREE.

You can also sign up for news of your areas of interest which will include research papers, events and news.


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Older people in Rural areas

Local Government highlights a new report from the community interest company Rural England which finds that older people living in the countryside face ‘acute’ challenges in terms of home-based social care due to demographics and the high costs of service provision.

The full report, Issues Facing Providers of Social Care at Home to Older Residents in Rural England, shows those aged 65 and over comprise 20% of the rural population – higher than the 16% of the urban population. The percentage of the population aged 85 and over, the group most likely to need care, is 3% in rural areas compared to 2% in urban. When combined with cuts to social care services, this older population places a lot of strain on the budgets of rural local authorities.

The report is calling for greater focus on rural-proofing in the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans, saying that the particular challenges of rural areas have been paid ‘scant regard’.

Margaret Clark CBE, chair of Rural England’s Stakeholder Group, said: ‘This report highlights worrying evidence about the poor provision of, and access to, home-based social care services for elderly individuals in rural England, which have severe consequences for the health and wellbeing of an increasing number of people in rural communities.’


NHS urged to act more quickly to stop elderly patients going blind 

The Telegraph reports on new guidelines from NICE on age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition affecting more than 600,000 people in the UK.

Professor Mark Baker, director of the centre for Guidelines at Nice, said:
“AMD can be a life changing condition for people if it is not identified early on. There are around 26,000 new cases of wet AMD in the UK each year and if left untreated over half will become visually impaired or blind within three years. Therefore the need to provide timely diagnosis and treatment is important.”

For more, read the Telegraph article.


Dementia-friendly financial services
Research by the Alzheimer’s Society shows that:

  • When using a bank, 66 per cent of people with dementia need some assistance
  • 76 per cent of people with dementia experienced difficulties when using a bank.
  • When paying bills, 70 per cent of people with dementia need assistance.
  • Of the carers we asked, 80 per cent said banks need a greater understanding of lasting powers of attorney.
  • 84 per cent of carers help people with dementia deal with the bank.

The Society has therefore produced an action plan for financial services, setting out a clear strategy for financial organisations to work towards best practice for people affected by dementia.

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