Age Action Alliance Weekly Member’s News – 07 August 2017

Message from the Secretariat


Dear Age Action Alliance member

Further to our email of 17 July, ‘The Age Action Alliance – A new beginning’, this is just a gentle reminder that the transfer of the Age Action Alliance (AAA) Secretariat function to enei (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion) is scheduled to take place around 14 August.  Whilst the deadline for responses has now passed, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss any aspect of the transfer. We also wanted to thank those who took the time to send us kind messages primarily about how much you enjoy being members, and the opportunity the Alliance provides to work in partnership. These comments are much appreciated.

It would be remiss of us to not mention and thank those who have supported DWP and Age UK in the running of the Alliance, particularly the Beth Johnson Foundation, who so kindly hosted the website over the past few years, and Alan Hatton – Yeo, who helped us to secure funding in 2012 to upgrade the website.

It has also been a pleasure working with the Transition Group – enei, EngAgeNet (English Age Network) and the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK). We (DWP) look forward to working with them all as active members of the Alliance, following what we anticipate will be a smooth transition.

Opportunities for Action


  • Silver Sunday on Sunday 01 October 2017 is fast approaching, and they have sent us details to provide you with a quick update:

Their new website is up and running and you can add your events there.

Loads of people have now signed up from national institutions such as Lords Cricket Ground, the Royal Albert Hall and English National Ballet.

They also have support from lots of smaller, local organisations and community groups, who are putting on everything from coffee mornings, wine and cheese parties to choral workshops and tea dances.

There are several newcomers such as the Bristol Ferry, the Fan Museum and gym classes at the YMCA.

SAGA magazine and national newspaper, the Telegraph, have thrown their weight behind Silver Sunday.

Whatever you can do, or are thinking about, it will be most welcome. Belly dancing, cheer-leading, knitting & art classes, tea mornings, hot chocolate evenings – the more we put on, the more we can help older people suffering from loneliness and isolation. Click here for more information, and see how you may get involved!


  • Launch of new website Visible We now have almost 30 years longer to live on this earth than a century ago. So, what does this mean for us socially, politically, psychologically and physiologically? How do we learn about, adjust, communicate and harness this increased time? Visible are thrilled to announce the launch of a new website which represents an entirely new way of responding to living longer. Since the success of their show early in 2017, they have drawn from current innovative research, and thought more horizontally about how ViSiBLE can create work that doesn’t just focus on ageing, but on all of the psycho-social dimensions of living longer. Living longer affects all of us, and their new interdisciplinary, collaborative, partnership-led approach will envision work that is more inclusive and diverse, ambitious and multi-scale. Find out more on their new website here.


  • Come and join DisabledGo and Lambeth Council to talk about the Online Accessibility Checker to places across Lambeth. Lambeth’s Accessibility Checker has been available since 2016 and since then has been providing compressive access information across the borough. Everything included has been asked for by disabled people, carers, their friends and family so it covers much more than just automatic doors and ramps. Most important of all, everywhere has been visited and assessed by trained surveyors, so you can get all the facts, knowing someone has actually been there to collect the details. The event is on Wednesday 06 September in London, and more details are available here.


  • School for Public Health Research Cambridge – Launch Event There is an afternoon event on Monday 09 October at the University Centre, Cambridge to present the new research priorities of the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR). The School was originally established in April 2012 to bring together leading academic centres in England demonstrating excellence in applied public health research. The School aims to build the evidence base for effective public health practice, including what works practically to improve population health and reduce health inequalities, and can be applied across the country to better meet the needs of policymakers, practitioners and the public. The School was recently renewed for a further 5-year programme, with the Cambridge Institute of Public Health continuing as a member with an emerging new research portfolio. You are cordially invited to join them to discuss how the new research priorities of the NIHR School for Public Health Research might help your practice and how you might engage with the School’s activities. Drinks and canapés will be served. Click here for ticket booking details.


  • Trustees needed – could you be an OPAAL Trustee? Age Action Alliance member OPAAL is actively seeking a number of new trustees from a range of different backgrounds to join its existing board. OPAAL is a small, national infrastructure charity (registration number 1090182) and there are great opportunities for the right individuals to make a real difference to its work. OPAAL’s work focuses on supporting Independent Advocacy organisations deliver quality one to one support services to older people who have no one else to support them. It provides networking and training opportunities in addition to offering local funding support. OPAAL works to influence the wider agenda in health and social care and are increasingly being called upon to provide national commentary on issues relating to older people’s services and asked to contribute to various publications and national consultations. In addition it manages a portfolio of national projects designed to support older people experiencing a range of issues that severely impact their daily lives. These include but are not limited to living with cancer, dementia, mental health challenges, carer’s, loss and bereavement. Current projects are funded by The Big Lottery, the Department of Health, and Macmillan Cancer Support. A fuller description of the role and commitment is available here.


For your information


  • The August to October 2017 edition of the Elders Council of Newcastle Newsletter is out now, with details of their AGM and Age UK Newcastle updates. Click here to read about what’s happening.


  • Atos Diversity Expo 2017 Steve Anderson, Founder of Prime Candidate, was delighted to be invited to speak at the Atos Diversity Expo in London. The Expo aimed to cover all elements of the diversity and inclusion agenda, and he was proud to be asked to represent the focus on age diversity in the work-place. Head of the Atos ‘Generations’ programme, Monika Upadhyay, asked Steve to talk about advocacy of the Baby Boomer generation. This generation, now in the 50+ age group, is an ever increasing, important factor to the success of the work-place and the wider economy. Steve presented how and why this age-group offers so much potential and opportunity to employers, but that there are barriers, in terms of perception, myth and bias to overcome. Employers have the opportunity to enrich their work-place with a diverse range of experience and skills, and a practical approach to facilitate this endeavour, is now available via Prime Candidate’s ‘Champion Age Diversity’. Read more about the Expo here.


  • Kaeren’s celebrating 25 years at Herts Careline Kaeren Shepherd has reached a significant milestone in her career by celebrating her Silver Anniversary at North Hertfordshire District Council’s assistive technology service, Herts Careline. Kaeren’s milestone coincides with Herts Careline’s 35th anniversary year, and the service has a celebratory event and open day planned for later in the year. Read about Kaeren’s achievement here.


  • Electrical Safety First joins Ageing Well in Wales More than half of all domestic fires in Wales arise through electricity – and UK adults over 60 are ten times more likely to die in a fire than someone aged 17 to 24. That’s why leading safety Charity, Electrical Safety First has joined forces with the Ageing Well in Wales partnership programme, which is hosted by the Office of the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales. “We have undertaken a range of research around the electrical safety of older people, which has not previously been seen as a priority”, explains Phil Buckle, Chief Executive of Electrical Safety First. “But as our lifespan increases, people tend to remain in properties for longer. This often means regular home safety checks are forgotten and appliances tend to be older.” Find out more about this safety initiative here.


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by Dan Keating

I would like to be a Trustee for OPAAL, but how do I apply???

Please advise me.

    by Dan Keating

    Doris – If you have any questions about the positions available or would like to be involved on a less formal basis please contact Chief Executive Kath Parson at

    If you would like to apply please send an email to Kath with a brief biography including a description of your experience and how you feel you can contribute to the organisation.

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