Most of the activity within the Age Action Alliance takes place within the working groups which exist under each Alliance theme.

There are currently working groups working across all the areas indicated below

Creative Arts and Older People

Lucien-Paul Stanfield

Lucien-Paul Stanfield

Lucien-Paul Stanfield

I am delighted to be chairing the Creative Arts and Older People group. Our quarterly workshops, which started in late 2016, have been doing really well and are generally attended by around 40-50 people – so a great opportunity to network! However, we are always open to new ideas and new suggestions for how best to support our focal points listed below so please do get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Digital Participation

Leela Damodaran

Leela Damodaran

The Chair, Leela Damodaran, Emeritus Professor of Digital Participation and Participation at Loughborough University.  Leela’s expertise is in the behavioural aspects and human use of information and communications technologies (ICTs), the planning of change and transition, strategies for social and digital inclusion, citizen engagement and participation.

As well as engaging in research, she works as an independent policy advisor with government departments, local government, commercial companies, and other key stakeholder groups to inform policy and strategic decisions relating to ICT use and digital participation.

She also works extensively with communities and grass-roots organisations (e.g. the East Midlands Later Life Forum and the Action Group on Technology and Ageing of the South East England Forum on Ageing (SEEFA) to promote successful digital participation of older people).


Healthy Workplaces

Denise Keating Chief Executive Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei)

Denise Keating Chief Executive Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei)

It has been a real pleasure to lead this work because of the commitment of the group’s members and the potential it offers for improving the lives of older people in the workplace.

We have developed a Healthy & Productive Workers Leaflet for small and medium employers which is drawn from a comprehensive Employer Business Case supported by an on-line Resources Pack providing employers with practical solutions for managing a healthy productive ageing workforce. These are being promoted widely throughout 2013 to employers nationally, locally and by business sector.

Loneliness & Isolation

Shelagh Marshall. Chair of Future Years

Shelagh Marshall. Chair of Future Years

Shelagh works closely with the Campaign to End Loneliness, and is a significant influence on strategy and raising awareness of current published research. She is committed to ensuring best practice and current research are shared and used as widely and effectively as possible within the Age Action Alliance network, and beyond.

Shelagh was awarded an OBE in June 2014 for her work with the elderly.




Money Matters

John Wellham

John Wellham


TRUSTEE of Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) Vice-Chair

Member of Leeds Ageing Well Board

Member of the Leeds Breakthrough Project- “Making Leeds the Best City in which to Grow Old”

Age Hub representative

Member of Leeds Equality Assembly

Trustee of Care & Repair Leeds ( and member of their Strategy and Finance Committee)

Committee Member of Civil Service Pensioners Association (CSPA)



Vice- Chair of Future Years, the YH Forum on Ageing

Member of Regional National Pensioners’ Convention ( NPC)

Member of Care-Connect Advisory Committee ( based at Sheffield University)

Member of the YH Dementia Action Alliance ( YHDAA)



Member of 3 Age Action Alliance ( AAA) Working Groups:

  • Transport
  • Money Matters
  • Safe, Warm Homes

Director of the English Age Network (EAN)

Member of Care & Repair England’s “National Older People’s Housing Champions’ Network”

Safe, Warm Homes

Maria Wardrobe, Director of Communications at NEA

Maria Wardrobe, Director of Communications at NEA

“NEA is delighted that the Age Action Alliance continues to thrive and provides a vehicle to get messages across to older people to help them keep safe and warm in their own homes. Assistance is available to help those on low incomes and there is a range of resources with links attached below to help them navigate the various schemes and programmes available.

If you haven’t already joined the Alliance please do so. If you have any resources or information relevant to the Safe, Warm Homes Group please send us a link to them on your website. Many thanks, Maria”


Prof. Roger Mackett. Centre for Transport Studies

Prof. Roger Mackett. Centre for Transport Studies

The Transport Working Group is interested in a range of issues that affect travel by older people. The Working Group has been involved in the consultation about the Department for Transport’s Accessibility Action Plan, carried out a survey on the use of mobility scooters by older people, and produced a report on the barriers to access for older people. A book entitled Transport, Travel and Later Life has recently been published. It has been edited by Dr Charles Musselwhite, Associate Professor in Gerontology at the Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA) at Swansea University and a member of the AAA Transport Working Group. There is more information at It can be accessed as an e-book at Alliance members who are interested in improving accessibility for older people are welcome to join the Group.

Newest Members

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Key Resources

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