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Weekly Members News – 07/01/2019
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Opportunities for Action
Creating dementia-friendly servicesPeople with dementia experience increasing isolation, barriers to involvement in social life, and increased reliance on other people. But there are approaches which can really help to keep people with dementia engaged and active.
Central Conference Consultants is organising a one-day workshop in Manchester on 29th January 2019 looking at how to make services dementia-friendly, sharing research and practice-based findings, and initiatives which have taken a fresh approach to working with people who have dementia.
For more information and to book visit the event website.
Positive Ageing in London 

PAiL has announced details of two events to be held early in 2019:
The first event is on February 22nd; and will be a Celebration of the Diversity of Older Londoners – with speakers talking about what the situation currently is, and the benefits which older Londoners bring from a variety of communities, different ethnic and racial groups, women and men, those from the LGBTQ+ communities, plus those with disabilities. The event is being held at the Mayor of London’s City Hall and will be from 10.00 to 2pm. To register please visit Eventbrite:
The second will be on May 10th and will be around the theme of ‘How to Make London an Age Friendly City’ – with experts from other UK cities talking about how they have carried out audits and delivered reports from which a policy framework has been developed. This has been implemented by local councils and demonstrates how they actively included older people themselves in making this happen. We will also include in our practical sessions how this transfer of knowledge can be incorporated into a model for London, what questions to ask and how we older Londoners can actively contribute towards making this a truly inclusive framework and basis for future action.
The event will also be held at City Hall, and, as usual, a light lunch will be provided. It will take place between 10.30 and 4pm. To register please visit Eventbrite:
Doing Ageing Differently Greater Manchester Ageing Hub is organising its Age Friendly Conference 2019

Which will bring together Greater Manchester system leaders, older people’s groups, world-leading academics, national and international partners, and community sector innovators to focus on the next phase of building an age-friendly city-region.
Date and Time: Wednesday 13th February 2019, 1000 – 1615
Venue: the Museum of Science and Industry
The event is free to attend. For more information and to book, visit Eventbrite.
For Information
Living longer: Fitting it all in – working, caring and health later in lifeThe Office for National Statistics has published an overview of two barriers to working at older ages – health and caring.
Sarah Crofts, ONS Centre for Ageing and Demography, commented:
“Within the older working age population, there are 866,000 potential workers aged 50 to 64 years who would like to work but can’t. Ill-health is the main barrier preventing just over a third from working. Additionally, half of people in this age group have at least one living parent and just under half have a grandchild, so caring for others is likely to be a barrier for some.

“Workers aged in their 50s and early 60s are more likely than any other age group to be juggling caring responsibilities and working. In 2016 to 2017, 65% of men and 60% of women aged 52 to 64 years who were carers were also in work.”
Centre for Ageing Better CEO: An entire generation will be failed if we allow Brexit to distract usIn a recent article in Huffington Post, Anna Dixon CEO of the Centre for Ageing Better argues that delaying action on health and care until after March is not an option.
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