AAA Meeting Minutes – 7th December 2017

Age Action Alliance (AAA) Advisory Board Meeting


Thursday 7th December



Denise Keating – Chair

AbilityNet: Nigel Lewis (Teleconf)

Independent: Dr Nori Graham

DWP: Russell Taylor (Teleconf)


Apologies: ILC: Dave Eaton


EngAgeNet: Marjory Broughton

EngAgeNet: Liz Mandeville (Teleconf)

enei: Alan Beazley















































































Introductions/Apologies (Dave Eaton – ILC)

 1. Membership & Growth

Current members – emailing roughly 20 times per week including opportunities and information for the newsletter.

Alan Beasley – 859 Members as of 6th December 2017. 12 joined, 1 dropped due to ceasing trading.

How to grow this?

  • Forwarding newsletter & cascading further/wider.
  • enei newsletter to flag and feature a piece on age.
  • Liz commented about asking EngAgeNet participants to sign up as Members.
  • *Create an introduction email for Board Members to send forward*.
  • Nigel agreed the same can be done for them.
  • Alan suggested targeted piece at start of newsletter for more member contributions/joining.


2. Working Groups

The Attitudes to Aging working group no longer exists.

Nearly all (will share spreadsheet) apart from Safe, Warm Homes needs to update – Intro, Focus, Terms of Reference, Members, Resources & Reach info on the AAA website

  • Creative Arts – Reach of 4181. Denise will send report from Martin Green at Care England.
  • Loneliness and Isolation – Terms of Reference needs to be put on the website.
  • Money Matters – enei room booked for 18th Jan meeting, sending invite to them all as soon as possible. Sending meeting notes to Russell afterwards to follow up interest from Pension’s Credit team.
  • Safe Warm Homes – all up to date on the website.
  • Transport – 20 active people currently, actively meeting, looking for transport provider to assist with goals. Denise K to talk with travel companies. List of network group delegates will be sent to EngAgeNet group for info.
  • Valuing older people’s contributions – Duncan has not been involved for some time, Hannah confirmed this. Some members still meeting regularly. They need to get reengaged as a bigger group. Marjory will email/contact interested parties to help with this.
  • Healthy Work Places – Survey done on the website. Need to firm up future plans. Nori has some ideas to share with Denise. Russell suggested mid-life MOT.
  • *Discussion – Care Provider to join the AAA Board* Abbeyfield, Four Seasons Health Care, New Century Care. Care UK potential. It was agreed that a care working group would be useful given the focus on care in the UK. Alan to draft TOfR and engage Nori and Martin Green from Care England UK. Russell commented that the government plans to launch a Care Action Plan early New Year and it should coincide with this.
  • Key points on Care working group –

What can we achieve?

·         Support plan on care

·         Cascade information

·         Raise awareness

·         Comment

·         Contribute and influence the agenda.

Other comments – Liz commented we need to engage older people with lived experiences about care after this report, listen to the reality of the situation, work together, how they can get involved and what message we can spread. CQC report was referenced and will be sent out in newsletter and to AAA Board members.

*Russel had to leave at 1:45.


Liz – East Midlands forum group needs to meet, we need to reassure that we are working on the situation. Groups are anxious about long term viability without meetings. Denise agrees and understands more work needs to be done on this by engagement of Directors.


3. Website

Denise commented on needing sponsorship for the website & newsletter. Meeting with Centre for Aging for help on this. AAA is just a network therefore Big Lottery Fun will not provide funding. ILC will also be approached for sponsorship.

Marjory – CITA may be able to help with resources.

Tony – Website too clunky, out of date, needs to bring together communication as its foundation. £20kish cost expected to launch new website.

Action – we need a proposition for a new website and a page of skills required. It needs to be accessible, especially from mobile devices.


4. Communications

Newsletter has a 25-30% open rate (average for newsletters being 15%) which means AAA Members/lists are finding it extremely useful.

Ideas for more:

  • Twitter chats – older peoples day in Oct 2018
  • Forums for views on issues
  • Surveys?


5. Travel & Expenses

Simplifcation needed to the expenses form (Its only for travel)

Clarification needed on who enei will pay for, e.g. AAA Board Members and Chairs of working groups. There also needs to be a discussion on a figure for expenses roughly.


6. Data Protection

Relguations are changing (GDPR) in May 2018. We need to rework our way of obtaining informed consent for communications and the use of Name & Emails (only data we have on members). Need to edit Membership applications/refresh informed consent. Alan to review and implement with help. AAA won’t be getting involved in cases where someone forwards the AAA newsletter on.


7. Additional Board Member

Currently has 8 people. Age/older as an attribute was discussed. It was agreed that more conversations need to take place to make a decision.



8. Future Meetings – 3 Per year: next meeting booked for Wednesday 18th April 2018 1pm – 3pm.




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by Dan Keating

I did not attend this meeting on 07/12/17, and stopped working on AAA in Sept 2017.

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