AAA Meeting Minutes – 5th October 2017

Age Action Alliance (AAA) Advisory Board Meeting  
Thursday, 5 October 2017


Denise Keating – Chair

AbilityNet: Nigel Lewis (Teleconference)

Independent: Dr Nori Graham

DWP: Russell Taylor


Apologies: None


DWP: Alan Trevor

EngAgeNet: Marjorie Broughton

EngAgeNet: Liz Mandeville

ILC: Dave Eaton






































































Introductions/Apologies (none)


AAA Update/Introduction

Denise gave an overview of enei and the work done with Members (Employers) on their Diversity & Inclusion Agendas.  She explained that enei covers all Protected Characteristic in the Equality Act 2010 and that it had extended its Charitable Objects to reach beyond employers to individuals.  Denise then gave a potted history of her involvement in the Age agenda since the launch of the Employers Forum on Age in 1996.  Her involvement included working on the DWP’s Age Positive Campaign (Chair of the Healthy Workplaces Group and enei providing the Sector Frameworks), Extending Working Lives Project covering 9 Sectors, Age Action Alliance, Fuller Working Lives (Chair of the Discrimination in Employment Group).


Since taking over the Secretariat for the AAA, Denise explained that there had been a few technical problems which are being worked on.


DWP Update/Introduction

Russell talked about the formation of the AAA which has 950 Members all interested in age matters.  He explained the DWP focus on Pensions and Employment, Resource constraints and the decision to move AAA which has a Brand and reach to a new Secretariat who would be able to find new ways to attract interest and market its activities.


There are a number of Themes and Denise will contact the leads to better understand their activities and how they contribute to the AAA.


At this point in the meeting the AAA Advisory Board wanted to thank Barry from Money Matters Group for all his hard work and effort in making this Theme so successful.  Denise to send a note to Barry.

ILC Update/Introduction

Dave congratulated enei for taking over the Secretariat.  He explained that the ILC was established in 2,000, is funded by 10 core partners and its Chief Executive is Baroness Sally Greengross.  ILC work with the Government, Private Sector and Society regarding the ageing population and their focus is on policy based research and project work.

EngAgeNet Update/Introduction

EngAgeNet is a Company Limited by Guarantee that is applying for Charitable Status.  There are 8 Directors who previously chaired various  English Forums on Ageing and no paid staff.  The organisation has a reach of 300,000 operating nationally, regionally and locally.  They are independent with no political affiliations and no endorsement of products.  Funding is obtained through individual pieces of work.  Their next meeting is W/c 16th October 2017.

AbilityNet Update/Introduction

This is a pan disability/age organisation focused on age.  They:

·         Assess individual needs (not equipment) and make recommendations at home (FOC for disabled and older people)/in higher and further education (paid for by the Government) and in the workplace.

·         Offer a consultancy service for organisations who pay for advice on accessible technology.

·         Produce facts and provide an advice and information line.

·         Chairs the Digital Inclusion Group

Independent: Nori Graham Update/Introduction

·         Was an Old Age Psychiatrist and former Chair of the Alzheimer’s Society and other bodies.

·         Was a Member of the AAA PDG where she focused on Public & Health Lifestyles.

·         Is delighted to be involved in the AAA’s Advisory Board working on its future plans.

Terms of Reference/Additional Board Members

These were discussed and agreed.  Denise will send out an updated TofR and had taken away actions to talk to others who may be interested in joining the AAA Advisory Board.  The Board will consider the role of the Devolved Assemblies as part of the future plan.

Age: Other activities outside the AAA and Future Actions:

·         AAA technical issues – to be sorted

·         Membership Acceptance – process to be clarified and to exclude political organisations and those seeking to promote their productsWhere there is any doubt The AAA Advisory Board will decide via e-mail whether to accept a new Member.

·         Newsletter/Website – these are important lifelines for the AAA.  The Newsletter will continue to be produced on Mondays with content populated by Members across England.

·         Social Media – a planned approach is needed which should include Twitter Chat (#AgeActionAlliance). Alan to send the process to enei.

·         Themes – to be reviewed.

·         Minister for Pensions & Financial Inclusion (Guy Opperman) – to be invited to support the AAA where appropriate.


Future Meetings – twice pa: next meeting to be before Christmas.


AOB: Expense Claims – Alan to send out the process for claiming expenses.


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