A new dawn in tech – welcome to the world of Gransnet

As many of us know, the world is changing rapidly for the over 50s. No longer just focused on retirement (and comfy slippers), today’s older adults are still working, playing and caring for their kids as well as for their elderly parents. They are also, happily, embracing the internet, which is where we come in.

Gransnet is a social forum where users can post comments, questions or join discussions on just about anything, whether it’s politics, work or caring, or fashion, gardening and books.  While we do have a busy ‘shed’ for granddads – currently 92% of our users are female.

Here’s what founder Justine Roberts said about launching Gransnet…“I was very keen to launch a community for the over-50s which, like Mumsnet had done previously, could be effective at giving a powerful collective voice to a group that was previously somewhat unheard.”

At Gransnet we also work with brands and charities, helping them communicate with our audience in a positive way. What we have learnt is that it takes time and effort to do it well – but it’s worth it.

We’re always happy to welcome new members to our community and we’re passionate about communicating the many positives of getting older. We know, because our members tell us, that ageing isn’t something to fear or fight and older citizens should be valued for their experience, wisdom and of course the care they regularly offer their peers and the younger generation.

With a swiftly aging population who are living longer and are richer, healthier and more engaged than ever before, Gransnet is building a reputation as the go-to hub and voice of the babyboomer generation.  We’re finding that our members still very much care about their career paths with some even starting their own businesses; they are heavily engaged with political issues and care deeply about how they are represented in the media. As a result of this last issue we launched our #everydayageism campaign which invites users to share their experiences as well as highlight great examples by brands of positive representations of ageing.

Our most popular content areas are style and beauty and of course money, we have a thriving book club with our pick of the latest hot reads, not to mention regular competitions where you can win anything from a break in the sunshine to some state of the art tech.

And finally, we’re not just for Grans either so do pop over and say a virtual ‘Hello!’  www.gransnet.com

Gigi Eligoloff, Brand Partnerships Manager tel: 0203 051 0429 X1210






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