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How To Care from Afar

It is called many things, from remote caregiving to long distance caring or caring from afar, but es-sentially if it takes you an hour or more to travel from where… Read more text

Community Christmas

It is frequently quoted that between 250,000 and 500,000 older people face Christmas alone – Community Christmas started in 2011 because there was no coordinated effort to change that. Five… Read more text

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Employer Toolkit.

The Employer Toolkit is a new interactive resource, offering guidance for managers of older workers.  The information available details how employers can better manage their workforce, and by doing so,… Read more text


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  1. AAA Progress Report May 2015
  2. A guide to hosting Alliance Network Meetings
  3. Alliance Members Declaration
  4. Alliance Membership Agreement
  5. An introduction to Age Action Alliance (leaflet)
  6. Arts and older people forum Transition Focus Group Meeting Minutes 11 July 2016
  7. Healthy Working Lives – Managing Healthy Ageing Workforces
  8. Infographic – explaining the work of the Alliance
  9. Money Matters – Minutes of meeting 01 August 2016
  10. Money Matters – Minutes of Meeting 05 October 2015
  11. Money Matters – Minutes of meeting 14 November 2016
  12. Money Matters – Minutes of meeting 25 April 2016
  13. Money Matters – Minutes of meeting 25 January 2016
  14. Snapshot Analysis of the Age Action Alliance
  15. Understanding the Alliance (Powerpoint Presentation)
  16. Vulnerability as Affecting Older People in Rural Areas
  17. Writing a blog for the Age Action Alliance

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